Sunday, 12 August 2012

Things that encourage me about evangelism: History

Tomorrow morning I'll be heading off to the Newfrontiers youth camp 'Newday' with some young guys from Hope Church. There will be several thousand people meeting together to worship, receive and serve. Big conferences are always encouraging, sometimes just because they are so big. Worshipping God with a few thousand brothers and sisters is a wonderful feeling - and it reminds me that the Church is by no means a small group of people (even in the UK!)

Which brings me to my third encouraging point: history tells a story of consistent successful evangelism. It's fairly staggering to think how Christianity has grown from a tiny maligned so-called 'sect' into such a phenomenally large family. I might be saddened at the thought that less than 10% of my country are regular church-goers, but there once was a time where the figure was more like 0%.

Waves of revival have swept the UK in the past, why not today?
The church is spreading rapidly in China, why not here?

We have the same Spirit, and the same gospel. Anything could happen.

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