Sunday, 20 May 2012

Reaching the Unreached 2012

Yesterday Lis and I travelled to our second conference in as many weekends. This time to Reaching the Unreached 2012; an intense day-and-a-bit of focused teaching around the theme of taking the gospel to council estates/housing schemes/urban priority areas/you get the idea.

The teaching content was really first-class. Our guest speakers took us through the book of Titus, and employed their finest exegesis, testimonies and food-related analogies to inspire and equip us in our gospel ministries. It was very refreshing for me to hear such fantastic preaching from guys with strong regional accents.

It was also really interesting to compare the two conferences:
- "Written by the Spirit": A creative writing conference with a heavy emphasis on the Spirit, led by folks from Bill Johnson's church, with much exuberance and a dash of wackiness. Followed by...
- "Reaching the Unreached": An evangelistic conference with a heavy emphasis on the Bible, led by conservative evangelicals.

In both cases I had many more positive things to say than negative.

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