Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Talking about Jesus with the Smiths

I've just finished reading Delirious: My journey with the band, a growing family, and an army of historymakers by Martin Smith. It was an interesting read, particularly for a Delirious? fan. This isn't just a biography of the band though, in fact it's not very detailed on that front. Instead (as the subtitle suggests), it is a very personal reflection on Smith's own journey, and the issues that took over his heart and mind as the band sought God's direction for their lives. So there are insights into songwriting, the music business, family life, travelling, discipleship, the Church, worship and poverty among other things.

However, one of the sentences that struck me most was actually in the foreword (which goes to show it's always worth reading the foreword, the preface, the introduction and the acknowledgements - don't say you've read a book unless you've read it all!)

Matt Redman writes, "Beth and I have spent many precious moments in the company of Martin and Anna, and it's always more of the same - Jesus is consistently the main topic of conversation".

Note that the main topic of conversation was not church services, worship music, Christianity or theology. It was Jesus.

While it can be tempting to see the Smiths and the Redmans as super-holy-Christian-heroes in a special world of their own it's clear that isn't the case. These are people who, like everyone else, have a shared passion that they enjoy talking about.

So I have to ask myself the question, when I meet up with my Christian brothers and sisters, what do I talk about most of all, and why?

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