Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A blog post about Jesus

This was going to be a blog post about Mark Driscoll, but I was going to link to a post on his blog that concludes,
"The best thing is to not waste time blogging, twittering, and talking about me. I was not born of a virgin, have not lived without sin, and am not going to judge the living and the dead. Jesus is all that matters."

How can anyone link to that in a post and not collapse under the weight of irony? So I decided to blog about Jesus instead. But then I found it hard to think exactly what to say about Jesus - there are so many things I could say! So let me say something that, if you read this blog, you have probably assumed, despite the fact that I have never expressed it.

I love Jesus.

I think Jesus is the best thing in the universe. I believe that if someone could live a hundred lifetimes and experience everything the world has to offer that they would not find anything that comes close to Jesus. If everything in my life were to be taken away, destroyed or lost I would still be utterly fulfilled as long as I still had Jesus.

Without Jesus I would be a mess. Without Him I would be a totally selfish person. I would live to please myself, all my efforts would culminate in a great big worthless hideous tribute to the person of Andy Lowe, which God would despise and then rightly destroy. I would have no hope.

Jesus has lifted me out of the wretched dark stink of slavery and loneliness and reversed the whole situation. Because of Jesus life is not a misery nor a pantomime but a real opportunity to run into the arms of my loving father God and be embraced as His son. Every day. Every day.

Love and forgiveness that never ends. My slate wiped clean, and my heart healed.

Jesus did not demand that I become a religious person and tie me up in a world of pews, stiff shirts and dull dirges. He set me free. And I love Him when I'm cleaning my teeth, when I'm driving to work, when I eat a sandwich or hug my wife I love Jesus and nothing will stop me from loving Him because He loves me.

However many long words and clever things get said about Jesus, the thing I constantly struggle to get to grips with, the thing I will always come back to is that He cares about me. And I will have all eternity to ponder that, and get to know Him better.


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