Friday, 16 December 2011

Is religion a force for good?

I just read that Christopher Hitchens has died. I'm not familiar with his books, but I can see how they might have generated huge interest, especially with titles like How Religion Poisons Everything. This clip of his debate with Tony Blair last year is on the BBC's most watched list today.


Thursday, 8 December 2011

"There was never a time when it was appropriate for Jesus to play the saxophone"

So says Conrad Gempf, as he asserts that the popular What Would Jesus Do? way of thinking might be a little bit misleading.

Personally, I can see the WWJD slogan being helpful in some situations. I wore one myself, for parts of my teenage years. The most frustrating thing was that you couldn't apply it to a situation where you'd done something wrong.

Q. "What would Jesus do if he was about to get told off for not doing his homework?"
A. "Jesus would have done his homework"

It's true that we can only hope to imagine what Jesus would have actually done in most of our circumstances. But I think it's still helpful to ask the question. In fact, I agree with Gempf when he says "What's good about it is that it does get people asking a question about what they're doing, looking at it from another perspective. Most people don't ever do that. But the right question is: what did God create me to do?"

WDGCMTD? isn't quite so catchy of course.

That's from the BBC, by the way.