Monday, 24 October 2011

On nuns and commitment

I've got mixed opinions about nuns and monks, at least, in the traditional sense. I mean, they do a whole lot of great stuff; working with the poor, educating children, praying etc. It's just that the concept of nunhood does seem to foster the incorrect opinion that a married, full-time employed Christian is somehow less committed to God than a single, full-time ministering nun. Basically that it creates a false hierarchy of holiness.

Mind you, this is almost entirely due to the fact that nuns have to wear special costumes. If it wasn't for that, people might see that they are not walking stereotypes, but rather real people who have devoted their lives to serving a real saviour. (Q. Why do they wear those robes? A. Force of habit.)

 Apparently the number of young nuns in the UK is growing, and the BBC is airing a documentary called, originally, "Young Nuns." Sadly, even that great institution (the BBC, not the Church) got all confused over the basic idea of Christianity. Their article features a nun called Sister Jacinta, "[who] had been a nun for eight years before taking final vows and has now made a lifelong commitment to Christ."


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