Friday, 14 October 2011

Dance/techno worship

This epic remix from Tim Simmonds's church has been used in a couple of Sunday morning worship times. Would it go down well with your church? (HT: Phil)

Consuming fire (DEMO) by Tim Simmonds

I'm not the enormousest fan of dance music, but I love this track. I mean, if it were released on iTunes I would buy it. However, if I decide to use this in worship on Sunday I'm not sure it will be similarly appreciated.

At Hope Church, we have a range of age groups. In churches like ours, worship teams are not likely to be very adventurous becuase at least one cohort of the congregation is sure to be offended. Sticking to the status quo is much more acceptable (definitely not sticking to Status Quo though). But if we want to engage with culture, then our music has to follow the culture. Our creative output should reflect today's styles and trends. Who knows what we're singing now that will cause widespread cringing in the next generation. Blessed Be Your Name could well be the next Shine, Jesus, Shine.

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