Saturday, 13 August 2011

What is Christian music?

So in my last post I responded to the question "can you worship God to secular music?"

I didn't try to define what secular music actually is, or, for that matter, what Christian music is. But that sounds like a fairly significant issue. The author of one of my favourite worship-leader-blogs made the decision to limit his music-listening to entirely Christian material (and has also written a fantastic post on whether rock music is acceptable to God). 

So what is Christian music?

Matt Blick has set a quiz over at his blog. Read the song lyrics and then decide whether they are taken from a Christian song. It's harder than you'd expect. Then check the answers.

Here are some possible definitions of "Christian music":
1) Music written by a Christian
2) Music written primarily for use in worship
3) Music with religious lyrics that make reference to God/Jesus
4) Music that expounds Christian theology
5) Music that is written to God
6) Music that is sung by a gospel choir

Would you agree with one or more of those, or add your own?

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