Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Fox-eye view of London Riots

I've been devouring a lot of the BBC's content on the recent riots in London and other English cities. There are a lot of comments and opinions swirling round my head, but for now I'd just like to point out a few things that struck me while watching this report from Fox News.

1) Fox News is using dramatic footage that I haven't seen on any UK-based website. Where did they get that? Why hasn't the BBC got that video of a protester getting whacked?

2) Fox plays all the clips with sound. And at times shows two clips simultaneously - with sound, behind the reporter's prattle. Lots of noise heightens the appearance of utter chaos.

3) Fox shows a small-girl-crying clip.

4) Fox refers to the shooting of a man in London on Monday night as "The 1st death of the riots". This is either depressingly pessimistic, or is just insensitive sensationalising.

Thank goodness the BBC isn't like Fox, or half of London would have fled for their lives by now.

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