Thursday, 28 July 2011

Resolution #1 in the bag

In January I blogged my New Year's Resolutions. It was about time, I said, that I learned how to drive an automobile. I've been having lessons since February, and last week I passed my test! Apparently I'm a really annoying person because I passed first time, albeit with 12 faults.

My examiner (who, to be fair, tried to put me at ease) said my main problem was over-cautiousness. He went so far as to call me a Nervous Nelly. I would have preferred Nervous Nigel myself, but either way I must have been fairly trepidatious. I've never seen my leg shake so much. Thank goodness it was my left leg, otherwise things would have been even trickier.

Anyway, the result is the main thing. The world is now literally my oyster.

My other resolutions are more work-in-progresses. I think I'm being more sincere, but I've temporarily given up on getting up at 7am, just while I recover from the Summer Term. It's all good.


Phil Whittall said...

Congratulations on passing your driving test! I failed first time precisely because I got the leg shakes but in my right leg. Couldn't reverse to save my life, although fortunately my life wasn't at stake, just my pride. Anyway, well done you.

Andy said...

Cheers. My pink licence arrived today so chuffed with that.

Nice pic of all the boxes at your place by the way. Maybe next summer we'll do a road trip - I could drive from France through to Sweden and back. We'd have to leave on the same day we arrived of course.