Monday, 18 July 2011

The Newfrontiers Story

I was at the Brighton Conference - TOAM - for a couple of days last week. What a fantastic two days it was! My highlight was the final evening meeting that Adrian Warnock blogs about here. As well as praying loudly for the nations (including Sweden, where Phil and family landed safely the following day) we celebrated God's love by giving, singing and dancing exuberantly. I was shattered by the end of it. Evan Rogers is a brilliant worship leader/fitness instructor. This video is from last year's TOAM but it gives you a good idea:

I went along to a seminar track on leading worship: really useful and inspiring training from Stuart Townend, Kate Simmonds and Simon Brading (I missed Dave Fellingham's).

It was also good to catch up with the Newfrontiers vision. Being in a Newfrontiers church is great, but I often forget about all the amazing stuff God is doing through the movement elsewhere. Reading about the history of Newfrontiers is exciting... from 1 to 850 churches in 43 years is quite an achievement when Christianity is supposed to be in decline.

The important bit is that it's not our achievement (or Terry Virgo's), but Christ's. Jesus deserves all the credit for what has happened so far, and I can only imagine what He might have in store for the future.

Did I mention that this was the last TOAM ever? No, but you knew that already, didn't you? Anyway, the point is this is a time of transition; a key moment in the story of Newfrontiers. It's also a key moment in the Hope Church story, as Nick takes on what Phil started a decade ago.

This is an adventure: to live for God's kingdom on earth now.

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