Monday, 20 June 2011

Newfrontiers: Borderlands Conference

I spent a damp weekend at this lovely Welsh camp site for a meeting of Newfrontiers churches in our region. Despite the drizzle it was a fantastic few days. God is really good. Instead of writing my own review, I'm going to be lazy and just concur with the last five paragraphs of Dave's.

Interestingly, I went to a seminar on leadership where some comments were made about male/female roles so I thought I would talk about that a bit. The seminar was led by Tony Smith, whose wife Kay also spoke about training leaders. You'll soon be able to download the talk, but for now I'll have to settle for what I can remember.

Tony understands the Bible to teach that positions of governmental eldership of a local church should be held by men. He went on to say that women should be actively encouraged to develop and undertake all other leadership roles in the church.

In an interesting anecdote, he told how after a local Vineyard pastor challenged him on the issue he counted the number of women in positions of leadership (small group leaders, children and youth leaders, worship leaders etc.) The result was that there were proportionately more women in those roles in the Newfrontiers church than the Vineyard church.

Obviously every church is going to be different, but I think that is helpful in debunking the theory that women in Newfrontiers are always in the kitchen or the créche.

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