Thursday, 9 June 2011

Do dogs go to heaven?

This book seems quite clear on the fact that yes, you will see your passed-away pets when you reach the golden shore. The author's confidence seems to come from some vague reasoning based on creation and the goodness of God. As you can tell, I'm not convinced. Friar Jack Wintz raises a few questions, like "does God's plan of salvation only include humans?"

That's not quite the same as "is Scruffles the hamster waiting for me in heaven?"

To anyone who would answer that in the affirmative, I'd like to pose a few questions of my own:

1) If pets can go to heaven, can they also go to hell?
2) Do pets get to heaven in the same way humans do? In that case...
3) How do you know if an animal has faith in Jesus Christ?
4) Can animals repent?
5) Can animals sin? (I'm thinking of that time Scruffles chewed up the curtain. Naughty Scruffles.)
6) What about animals who lived under the Old Covenant?
7) Do lower life forms, such as insects, bacteria and plants also go to heaven when they die?
8) If there are wasps in heaven, will they still sting me?
9) What will happen when the Christian cows meet the Christian McDonald's workers?

Seriously, I don't mind people mourning the loss of a pet, but I don't think there's going to be any furry rendezvouses (well, what is the plural of rendezvous?) in the afterlife.

Let's have an opinion poll to conclude:
What are you looking forward to most about heaven?
A) Seeing Fluffy again
B) Seeing Auntie Flo again
C) Being able to fly (I hope)
D) Jesus

Why not ask the audience?


Charles said...

I was once asked to do a funeral service for a pet
I was blessed in that before I had fully worked out the theology the local ,kindly Methodist minister stepped in and did it instead

Pastorally speaking though for this Christian woman (who asked me to do the funeral)the grief was very very deep indeed.

Andy said...

Yes, I suppose because I've never experienced that kind of sadness at losing a pet I might sound a bit insensitive.

I've never heard of a pet funeral before though! Although I did seen a pet service advertised recently.