Monday, 16 May 2011

Jesus raves

I met someone a while ago who was wearing a hat bearing the slogan 'Jesus raves'. She commented, not in an unpleasant way, that it was "probably quite offensive", but I'm not sure. If you associate raving with taking drugs and getting sloshed then I guess it's an offensive hat, because Jesus would never do that. On the other hand, if 'raving' is more about dancing, partying and having a good time, then yes - that is Jesus' kind of thing.

I was in Cambridge over the weeked, and happened to visit a church where Mike Pilavachi was speaking. He talked about how individualism is ruining our society, and parts of the church, but the antidote is living in community - like God. He explained the Holy Trinity as being an eternal dance (not his analogy, it's several hundred years old), which we get to join in.

In the Bible, how often does Jesus visit, or base a parable around, a party/feast/shindig? Quite a bit. What will happen in heaven? Endless quiet reflection and meditation? I doubt it. I'm expecting the biggest knees-up since these guys broke the record for the longest Riverdance. Occasionally, we get little previews of what heaven will be like. This is a great one:

Not only are the bride and groom being launched into the air - the rest of the crowd are dancing around them. I'd be up for more of this sort of thing in church, but unfortunately I live in England.


DJ said...

do you have a link to mike's talk in which he references the eternal dace/trinity thing

Anonymous said...

You should try some Pentecostal churches if you want to have fun in church. God Bless