Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Famous for being rubbish

Plenty of people nowadays achieve fame despite lacking much discernable talent. There are some impressively mediocre pop stars, and some downright abysmal ones too. A rarer creature is the celebrity who has attained such status precisely because of their badness. I've already blogged about Rebecca Black's stunningly awful song Friday, (although it's the song writers that take the lion's share of disgrace here) which is now at over 1,000,000,000 YouTube views.

I was under the impression that the whole 'it's so bad it's good!' thing was a new idea, until I discovered Florence Foster Jenkins. At the height of her fame she sang in Carnegie Hall, apparently because of huge public demand, in 1944. And yes, she was utterly appalling. Crank up your stereo and listen to this.

Apparently Florence always believed she was a really great singer. It's pretty sad really. But not quite as sad as a person who would rather be infamous than anonymous.

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