Monday, 7 March 2011

What are you living for?

On my way through town I spotted this in the window of Costa.

My goodness gracious me.

This smirky, stubbly man allegedly lives for (and let's put them in the proper order, please):
1) Great coffee
2) Good conversation

Whilst it is intriguing that he is not so fussy about the standard of his socialising as he is about the standard of his mocha, that's not the thing that irks me most. I am very much irked by the notion of someone living for coffee. Not only that, but the fact that Costa think more people will want to buy their coffee if the customers believe that the staff behind the bar are living for coffee.

Can you imagine a similar poster advertising celery sticks?

"I live for great celery sticks and good banter" declares a rosy-cheeked grocer.

I'd suggest two responses to the above:
1) Buy some celery because it must be pretty gosh darned good
2) Buy some celery so the grocer can spend the profits on some therapy

Who lives for vegetables and hot drinks? People who have not found anything better.

Things that are worth living for are the things that are worth dying for. Jesus is worth dying for.

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