Tuesday, 1 March 2011

So long to Sheila's Wheels

According to the pink-attired Australian trio girls are "bored beyond edurance paying too much for car insurance". Well, they're going to have to do endurance training now, since the European Court of Justice has ruled that insurance companies cannot charge different premiums on the basis of gender.

So despite the fact that the average car claim by an 18-year old male is £4,400 and the average claim made by an 18-year old female is £2,700, it has been officially labelled as gender discrimination to charge higher premiums to men.

Now, surely, surely there will soon be another ruling that to charge 18-year-olds higher premiums than 42-year-olds is age discrimination. It's only logical.

And surely then it will be pronounced disability discrimination to refuse to insure blind car drivers.

Shortly to be followed by the revelation that it is shoddy driver discrimination to charge higher premiums to people who have a history of writing off cars.

I wonder how much it cost to officiate this silliness...

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