Monday, 14 March 2011

Dave and Vicky still going

I learned two new things today. Apparenly Victoria Beckham is a fashion designer, and she's also pregnant again.

Of course I have never met the Beckhams, nor can I claim to have any insight into their real lives, but I like them. I relish the fact that a very very famous couple are still married and on their way to having four kids. As has been said by others, celebrities don't choose whether they are role models or not, they only choose whether to be good or bad ones. Too many make the wrong choice.

But here we have one of the world's richest footballers and a ex-pop star who have gone through a decade of marriage under the pressure of the media microscope and are showing no sign of cracking. Well done, I say. And how did we find out about the pregnancy? David inferred something while he was at a hospital visiting sick kids.

Keep up the good work.

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