Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Worship Files: top artists

Over the last few days I've been creating a sizeable "worship file" (it's actually two ring-binders) of all the songs I use, or plan to use in worship at some point. I've also put all the songs into a database with authors, dates and key words for easy searching. I love databases.

An interesting corollary is the following list, which shows the amount of songs from each worship song-writer I've included in the file.

Matt Redman 14
Paul Oakley 7
Tim Hughes 7
Brenton Brown 5
Chris Tomlin 5
Martin Smith 5
Joel Houston 3
Beth Redman 3
Brian Doerksen 3
Jesse Reeves 3
Nathan Fellingham 3
Stuart Townend 3
Al Gordon 2
Marc James 2
Paul Baloche 2
Reuben Morgan 2
Simon Brading 2

I wasn't surprised to see Matt Redman at the top of the list. Beth Redman and Jesse Reeves are mainly there through collaboration. There's a whole heap of writers in the 'just 1" club, notable members include Darlene Zscech, Graham Kendrick, Handel, Noel Richards and Vicky Beeching.

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