Friday, 31 December 2010

In summary... (or should that be "in wintery"?)

Goodbye 2010! Goodbye forever. This has been a major year for me, probably the busiest my life has seen so far.

Planning a wedding and getting married dominated the first seven months, somehow during that time we also managed to buy a house. Working part-time is useful. Also I passed my English Language course and moved to a new church. Changes all over the place.

This Christmas holiday has been great too. Despite problems in the heating, plumbing and vehicular departments we've had a good time with our newly-extended family. Here's a photo I took on Boxing Day while me and Lis were waiting for a neighbour to jump-start the Clio:

I haven't been as active on the blog recently, but in 2011 you can look forward to...
- A summary of my new year's resolutions
- The conclusion of my "Deep Thought" series (hopefully)
- My report on the annual Youth for Christ staff conference
- Fiding out whether we manage to eat all of that chocolate in the cupboard. It makes me feel full just looking at it. Boxes and boxes of the stuff. Golly.

And more exciting events are bound to happen in Baggleswich.

Cheerio for now.

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