Thursday, 14 October 2010

Blogger & the ampersand

I haven't really questioned it so far, but every time a blogger I follow uses the '&' symbol in a post title (for example, "Humility & how I excel in it") it appears in my list as "Humility & how I excel in it".*

I always wondered where the 'amp' comes from, until I learned that the name for the symbol is an Ampersand. You can read about the etymology of the name here (it's not a wikipedialink). But that doesn't explain why Blogger insists on displaying it wrongly. I'm curious, does this happen to anyone else?

*[Update: this bit makes no sense, because when I typed what appears instead of '&', Blogger changes is to '&'. Which is what it should do in the post titles I guess. It actually comes out as &_amp_; without the underscores. Sorry for confusion]

1 comment:

GamesWithWords said...

Yes, I always have the problem with ampersand as well. Did you figure out why it's working now?