Friday, 4 June 2010

Soul Purpose 2010

After last year's exciting event, I was looking forward to SP10 with great enthusiasm.

This is the sixth year of Soul Purpose - a town-wide multi-church initiative reaching out to communities in north Shrewsbury over three days.

It went so fast, yet there was a heck of a lot crammed in. So, I think I'll just do highlights again (in no particular order):

1 - Having an awesome team of young people. I was in charge of a brilliant crew of young guys and girls, who did a fantastic job of gardening, painting, litter picking, chair stacking and eating.

2 - Playing connect-4 with children. By children I mean aged 3 - 6. I won every time :)

3 - Hearing an amazing story about God's power and love at work in a bloke called Mike. How he was changed from a hard, violent, bitter soldier into a man totally at peace, and how God helped him battle with leukemia.

4 - Playing loud Christian music with Try The Polish (the best Christian covers 3-piece band this side of Telford). It might have been too loud.

5 - Inventing a brand new dance called "the strimmer". Ask me for a demonstration.

6 - Although someone did remind me about Team Tumnus, I mostly managed to escape being likened to said faun. This year we were Team Trespass; so called because when we arrived to paint a junior school the gates were locked, so we climbed over the fence. They did know we were coming.

7 - Getting to know people from the area, like Randall, who advised me not to eat too much pork. Very wise.

8 - Having some fantastic times of worship with people from 14 different churches. On Monday we were led excellently by a band from Nexus, which is like worship college.

I'm now about to go on another exciting weekend venture - to a regional church camp in Wales. It should be a more relaxing time, because I'm not as involved. Normally I would be doing worship, but this year we have Phatfish leading worship for us, so that'll be ace.

If anyone else wants a game of connect-4 let me know.

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