Thursday, 6 May 2010

Vote for goodness sake

If you're a UK citizen, then you've got a few minutes left to cast your vote, assuming that you're reading this post within moments of its publication. However, the title is not just a last-ditch attempt at coercing the apathetic, but a clever pun surmising the theme of this post. Indeed.

If you voted today, then you probably made your decision based on these two criteria (I wish it was just one, because I would get to use the word 'criterion'):
1) What will be good for the country
2) What will be good for you

It will not have escaped your notice that the Torys are advertising themselves with promises of "change". Of course, it is implied that they will bring change for the better, but change for the worse is entirely possible. Essentially, they think that they will be good for the country, and have asked us all to concur.

It will be good if we can:
Make a swift (a decade or two?) recovery from the recession
Improve healthcare standards
Reform our political system
Build stronger communities

I think Christians should be wholeheartedly involved in restoring 'goodness' to our society. But lets not kid ourselves that our country can actually be 'good' without God's intervention.

Hopefully you'll know this already... but we could be the most powerful, secure and affluent country in the world but our lives will continue to be broken, our society continue to become more depraved unless we ask God to step in.

If you want to live in a 'good' country, you should vote for the party you think will do the best job, but then you should go to the only person with a real solution and ask for His help. We need it pretty badly.

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