Monday, 24 May 2010

Throw away your lip balm

A while ago I blogged about the 'lip balm conspiracy' that I had uncovered. Basically, once you start to use lip balm, you get into a cycle that renders you balm-dependent.

So, last week I decided to try and break out of the cycle by going cold turkey. That's right. Despite being fairly chapped due to dry weather, I resisted the urge to dress my wounds and persisted au naturale.

Guess what? It took a couple of days, but my lips recovered unaided, and now I am looking at a bright lipsyl-free future. It's early days though, so I'll have to take it easy and see what happens. Maybe get hold of some nivea patches or gum.

Next I will be finding out if we actually need food, or whether it's just a con devised by Tesco.

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