Monday, 10 May 2010

Our first house

Last Friday, Lis and I bought a house in Shrewsbury. It's great, we don't need to do much to it. In fact, there are only two small problems which I shall discuss in order of significance...

Firstly, being in lots and lots of debt. I never went to uni, so I don't have a student loan, I've never been in debt. Now I owe RBS an absolute truckload of moolah. Or, to engage the rather comforting technicality, we owe RBS an absolute truckload of moolah. It's still a lot though.

Secondly, although the decor is generally more than acceptable, there is some Chinese (or possibly Japanese?) script adorning the walls of the lounge. "Why is that a problem?" you may well ask. Well, despite the fact that it looks nice if you're into oriental ornamental orthographic graphics, we don't have a clue what it means.

Would an interpreter like to offer their services?

The whole thing reminds me of Daniel 5. My knees are knocking.

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