Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Election research (2)

In my earlier post I didn't mention the Green Party, which was for no dark and sinister reason, I had just had enough of reading policies for the day.

The Greens are keen not to be seen as a "one policy party", and one website that is doing much to help them achieve this is voteforpolicies, which lets you choose policies from six parties without knowing whose it is, and then shows you a pie-chart of your preferences. The website claims to be an indepedent, voluntary initiative, but so far the Greens are doing incredibly well, leading some to accuse them of jiggery-pokery.

I wasn't hugely surprised, then, to find that I am apparently leaning in a very green direction. Here's the breakdown:

Green: 56%
Labour: 22%
Tory: 22%

So it's not a particularly diverse pie.

I also gather that the Greens are keen not to be seen using plasticene to make beans for teen Mylene who leans on unclean Dean and mean Irene. Allegedly.

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