Monday, 29 March 2010

Musings on Football

Football (soccer) is overwhelmingly popular amongst British men. Personally, I think it's one of the most enjoyable team sports, even though I was one of the kids at school that got picked last quite often. It depended on whether Alf the blind boy was playing or not (Joke).

I never really followed football though. I didn't find league tables interesting, and listening to the results being read out on the TV seemed the dullest thing ever. I was also dismayed to learn that the team I had chosen to support (as a seven-year-old) were, allegedly, evil evil scumbags. When they went on to win three major accolades in 1999, that meant that I was a "glory hunter", despite the fact I had supported them for four years previously and never really cared if they won trophies or not. I just liked Andy Cole. He had a good name.

So then I decided to follow in the footsteps of my father, and become a fan of the mighty Crewe Alexandra!

I went to see them lose against Notts County last week, and this is why I've been thinking about football since. Maybe if I actually followed football I would have more to talk about with blokey blokes down the pub? Plus, I found that I can see video highlights of all Crewe's games online!

But I really should be supporting Shrewsbury Town; the place I've lived in (and written songs about) for all my life...

Am I allowed to support three teams? Shrewsbury, Crewe, and Man Utd? That sounds like the best solution to me, except that in 11 days Crewe and Shrewsbury will play each other, and I would have my loyalties truly tested.

Or I could just not bother.

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