Thursday, 11 March 2010

Adrian Warnock copies my blog title style

It seems that Adrian was in a bit of a quandary about how to type his titles. There are many options (apparently) regarding which words are afforded the honour of a capital letter at the start. How you decide to present your posts obviously has a large impact on the enjoyment and satisfaction of the reader, so you've got to get it right!

So what did Adrian have to say?

"I decided that it would be best to emulate one of my favourite bloggers; Andy Lowe, who inspires me in almost everything I write. It is fair to say that without his influence I would be lost in a sea of grammarless despair and writer's block (or should that be writers' block? I'm sure Andy would know). Since he uses 'sentence case' for titles, that is what I shall do."

Or you can read what he actually said, but I think my version is better.

Either way, sentence case is clearly the way forward!

Oh, yeah, and the BBC have copied me as well.

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