Thursday, 4 February 2010

Youths go off blogging

A study in the US has revealed that numbers of teenage bloggers has halved since 2006.

It seems that they're leaving the blogosphere behind in favour of briefer, quicker forms of communication, like Twitter. One student suggests that this might be because people "don't find reading that fun."

I have an alternative theory... It seems that nowadays people are more interested in themselves than they ever have been. We live in a very individualistic society, where "me" is the priority and others should exist for my benefit.

So, I don't think it's the amount of reading that turns people off, but more likely:
1) They get bored because they're not reading about themself
2) They aren't really that intersted in another person's life - unless that person is a crazy, unpredictable, vulnerable celebrity.

This might sound a bit harsh, but think about the reasons why a person (let's call him Clarence) joins Twitter: does Clarence want to keep up with what all his friends are doing, and find out what's happening in their lives? Or is it that Clarence really wants people to be interested in his life, so Clarence joins Twitter to tell everyone about himself.

One of the issues with this kind of interaction is that you get more attention by being sensationalist. Instead of constructing a blog post about why you don't really like eating radishes you have post something like, "RADIShes just KILLED me!!! No Joke! i hate radishes SO MUCH!!!" for someone to actually be interested.

I enjoy dialogue, and that is one reason why I blog. But I also just enjoy writing and ranting, so it doesn't matter too much if no one reads it.

Please do, though.

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