Monday, 8 February 2010

Talk for Jesus

We recently heard a series of talks at church based on the book "Just walk across the room" by Bill Hybels. The big idea is that it's not really that hard to evangelise, but small actions can have a big impact. I disagree with the title of the book though, as walking across a room doesn't achieve much. I think it should be called, "Just say hello - and then ask a few more questions, but be genuinely interested in the answers, and think about how this person needs Jesus."

Reading this guy's blog got me quite excited about the power of conversation. If you talk about Jesus, some people actually are intersted! Which shouldn't be surprising, considering He's the most interesting person ever.

So something as simple as conversation can be used by God to do amazing things in a persons life. But we have to make the effort not just to talk, but to talk about God, even when we might get shot down. I like to think that I can show the love of God just by showing interest in another person, but if I never directly say the words, "God loves you" how will they find out?

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