Friday, 12 February 2010

Blogs that inspire

So, this is my 100th post! Took a while to get here, but it feels good.

I've been thinking about the different blogs I read and how they get me excited about different things, and whether I should make my blog a bit more focussed.

The Undercover Theologian gets me excited about God, geography and other things beginning with 'g'.

Crazy Christian Clips warns me about the danger of being irrelevant.

Dan and Dan amuse me.

ASBO Jesus
makes me think, and sometimes makes me annoyed.

The Road to Elderado encourages me as I see our church growing.

The Simple Pastor
challenges me to think about my lifestyle, and to read more books.

But the blogs that excited me most recently are Talibalqaleb and There's a time for French because they both contain stories of real people meeting Jesus and deciding to follow Him.

I don't think anything is more exciting than when people put their faith in the saviour Jesus Christ. He enjoys it a lot too!

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