Friday, 22 January 2010

Fame! (Almost)

Well, today I went over 20,000 views on YouTube.

That's really not a lot when you consider that videos like this one have millions and millions of hits.

This is the age of the amateur; when we don't need to rely on major corporations to supply us with entertainment any more. You can be a world-wide phenomenon without leaving your bedroom (I'm not talking about Ghandi or John Lennon) as long as you have a camera, a computer and something interesting to present to the masses.

Is there a point though? I doubt you can have a career through YouTube - you don't get any money, you just get recognition. Which usually means you attract a fair few haterz as well.

If you have any ideas for a new video let me know. You can see mine here.

1 comment:

Tyler said...

How about the mom feeding the kids "Housewife feeding food for the kids". Lots of views...