Monday, 4 January 2010

Exciting Things

A good thing about being a schools worker is that you don't have much to do in the holidays, (if you can take time off) so I've just enjoyed almost two weeks off.

During that time a number of interesting things occured. I found out, for instance, that our church was "mystery worshipped" in December. I also discovered the deliciously funky Maceo Parker, and read this book which inspired me to start making a computer game called "House of Doom". I also transcribed part of an episode of Have I Got News for You and wrote an essay about it for my English Language course. Ian Hislop is statistically the funniest.

However, much greater events were afoot, as on 28th December I got engaged to a beautiful girl called Lis. This is very exciting. We are looking forward to wedding, honeymoon and a new house with much anticipation, and occassionally slight nervousness (mainly in relation to mortgages - the word mortgage means "death grip" - fun, fun, fun).

To intesify the excitement a tad, I was informed at 3am three days later that my sister, Catherine, had just got engaged to her boyfriend Mike! Crazy times.

There is lots to think about, and lots to celebrate. I should start packing now though, because I'm travelling today to my third YFC staff conference at Boddelwyddan (hope I spelled that right, not that you'll know either). My experience at last year's was good, I'm expecting another stimulating week.

See you later!

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