Friday, 22 January 2010

Fame! (Almost)

Well, today I went over 20,000 views on YouTube.

That's really not a lot when you consider that videos like this one have millions and millions of hits.

This is the age of the amateur; when we don't need to rely on major corporations to supply us with entertainment any more. You can be a world-wide phenomenon without leaving your bedroom (I'm not talking about Ghandi or John Lennon) as long as you have a camera, a computer and something interesting to present to the masses.

Is there a point though? I doubt you can have a career through YouTube - you don't get any money, you just get recognition. Which usually means you attract a fair few haterz as well.

If you have any ideas for a new video let me know. You can see mine here.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Such goings on!

(I thought that was a better title than "all the stuff I'm doing at the moment".)

I have blogged before about feeling busy. When I re-read that post though, I thought "surely I wasn't really that busy a year ago?" because now I have a load more stuff going on.

As well as my job and uni course, I help at our church youth group, and am on the Sunday worship team. I occasionally help run music workshops, and play some gigs. Now, I am also planning a wedding and looking to buy a house.

Does anyone remember Bernard's Watch? Cos I could use that timepiece about now.

Sometimes I think about how drastically different life would be if I was a single atheist. Much calmer, but not half as fun.

It's hard to decide what to blog about...

Monday, 18 January 2010


The other day I got a new phone, because my old one stopped charging. I liked my old phone so i was a bit sad, but the new one is cool- it has wi-fi access so i'm writing this post from it to see how fiddly it is.

I am determined to be the master of my new phone, and not let it master me.

Think I'll stick with pc blogging for now.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

YFC Staff Conference 2010

It almost never happened!!!

An outbreak of the vociferous Norovirus at Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel threw the conference plans into jeopardy, and caused a large headache for the YFC national team. However, the resourceful team managed to pull one out of the bag, and saved the whole event by securing a deal with the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham as our venue. They really did an excellent job in making sure that the conference went as smoothly as possible.

Despite finishing a day earlier than planned, it was another brilliant time of celebrating, learning, meeting, and being inspired*. The band YFriday were leading worship for us again, and there were brilliant talks and seminars from Lon Allison and Gavin Calver among others.

And there was snow - visible in the background of this photo I took:

(This would have been a very pleasant place for a swim, were it not for the large number of people milling around by the lifts just to the right of the photo.)

Most importantly, though, was that God was speaking to us, and drawing us closer to Himself. I am much more excited about mission now, and I'm also loving Jesus a bit more.

*I'm reading "Eats, shoots and leaves" at the moment, (a book about punctuation) and decided it would be tremendous fun to use the Oxford comma here, don't you agree?

Monday, 4 January 2010

Exciting Things

A good thing about being a schools worker is that you don't have much to do in the holidays, (if you can take time off) so I've just enjoyed almost two weeks off.

During that time a number of interesting things occured. I found out, for instance, that our church was "mystery worshipped" in December. I also discovered the deliciously funky Maceo Parker, and read this book which inspired me to start making a computer game called "House of Doom". I also transcribed part of an episode of Have I Got News for You and wrote an essay about it for my English Language course. Ian Hislop is statistically the funniest.

However, much greater events were afoot, as on 28th December I got engaged to a beautiful girl called Lis. This is very exciting. We are looking forward to wedding, honeymoon and a new house with much anticipation, and occassionally slight nervousness (mainly in relation to mortgages - the word mortgage means "death grip" - fun, fun, fun).

To intesify the excitement a tad, I was informed at 3am three days later that my sister, Catherine, had just got engaged to her boyfriend Mike! Crazy times.

There is lots to think about, and lots to celebrate. I should start packing now though, because I'm travelling today to my third YFC staff conference at Boddelwyddan (hope I spelled that right, not that you'll know either). My experience at last year's was good, I'm expecting another stimulating week.

See you later!