Monday, 16 November 2009

COD MW 2!!! (2)

After blogging about the latest Call of Duty release I was presented with the opportunity to play the game at a friend's house on Friday. So I did.

Now, I didn't spend enough hours playing it to write a whole review or critique or anything but here are some of the things that struck me:

1) Not as violent as I expected - for all the furore and controversy I was bracing myself for dismembered limbs etc but it was actually just slightly more graphic than other 15+ rated shooter games I've played. (Mainly that when you get hurt you see blood splatter on the screen, and if you get attacked by a dog you can snap its neck). Granted, I only saw a small portion of the game though.

2) Amazing graphics - I was playing it on an HD TV and it looked stunning.

3) It was really fun - I enjoyed fighting my way across a suspension bridge whilst avoiding grenades, planting explosives on vehicles and ducking for cover. These are things I will hopefully never do in real life and would find utterly terrifying. That could be why it's so entertaining.

4) You're a good guy - personally, it is the morals of a game that bothers me more than the content. I can cope with shooting games where your enemies are terrorists (COD MW 2 is one of these), but find games like Unreal Tournament more disturbing because, even though it is clearly fictional (whereas COD tries hard to be realistic) the premise is like futuristic gladiatorial games - killing for entertainment.

I'm interested in the values that a game promotes, and I haven't really explored the values of COD MW 2 in great detail. But at least you are a good guy.

The values of MarioKart, on the other hand are appalling! The game can be summed up like this; "do anything you can in order to win, cheating and bullying opponenets is encouraged." Scandalous*.

And don't get me started on Pokemon.

*It's not that bad really**

**Or is it???***


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