Friday, 4 September 2009


When I was a lad, I was in a youth group called JCY2K (a name that I take credit/blame for, either way it stuck for 6 years) or, as I nostalgically refer to it; "good ol' JCY2K".

It was your average church youth group. Mostly nutters. Much fun was had - wild sleepover parties, rambunctious residential trips to Wales, failed attempts to start a band. Them were the days.

Well, tomorrow, at about two o'clock, founder member Mathew "Buff" Sheffield will officially be the first one of us to get married. The times they are a-slipping into something more comfortable. It will be quite an epic day for a few reasons, such as:

1) This is the first wedding of a close friend.

2) Ali, the lovely bride, is walking down the aisle to the theme from Back to the Future (so I am lead to believe - I'll let you know if it happens).

3) We're having the wedding dinner ON A TRAIN!

4) We're going to celebrate the amazing blessing that marriage is.

5) I will be using the word "rambunctious" to describe everything.

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