Wednesday, 30 September 2009

What happens if you don't back labour...

I love this video.

Not because I am strongly pro-labour.

I am just anti-Sun.

Friday, 18 September 2009

The Significance of the Cross

Forget propitiation, adoption and all that boring stuff. What you really need to experience the wonder of the cross is your own cross-shaped item of jewelry! This "spiritual accessory" is guaranteed to bring you closer to God. Not convinced? But it's got AUSTRIAN CRYSTAL!!! And after only saying the Lord's prayer several hundred times it's easy to forget it, so it'd be really useful to have it written in tiny letters on a big bling cross for you to wear round your neck. And it's in the traditional "thy" form so it's extra holy.

Aaargh. And what was up with that music?

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Friday, 4 September 2009


When I was a lad, I was in a youth group called JCY2K (a name that I take credit/blame for, either way it stuck for 6 years) or, as I nostalgically refer to it; "good ol' JCY2K".

It was your average church youth group. Mostly nutters. Much fun was had - wild sleepover parties, rambunctious residential trips to Wales, failed attempts to start a band. Them were the days.

Well, tomorrow, at about two o'clock, founder member Mathew "Buff" Sheffield will officially be the first one of us to get married. The times they are a-slipping into something more comfortable. It will be quite an epic day for a few reasons, such as:

1) This is the first wedding of a close friend.

2) Ali, the lovely bride, is walking down the aisle to the theme from Back to the Future (so I am lead to believe - I'll let you know if it happens).

3) We're having the wedding dinner ON A TRAIN!

4) We're going to celebrate the amazing blessing that marriage is.

5) I will be using the word "rambunctious" to describe everything.