Friday, 28 August 2009

Ultimate Twister Destiny Duels #2

Today I shall be casting my personal speculations on the result of an imaginary game of Twister between...


Now, it might at first seem a very unfair combination. Mr. Tickle, of course, has the extraordinary ability to stretch his arms to incredible lengths (usually at the expense of an unwary Mr. Uppity or some small child holding an ill-fated icecream). What we must remember is that most Mr. Men have very very short stumpy legs - making for a rather unbalanced overall figure.

Pinocchio, on the other hand, is proportioned much more like a human, although he appears fairly top-heavy and in a long match would struggle to support his considerably large head. Pinocchio in his wooden state is not the most flexible of competitors either. And then there's the nose. One exaggoratory slip of the tongue and the young puppet could find himself being thrown off balance by his protuding snoz.

I wouldn't put it past Mr. Tickle (the mischievous orange blob that he is) to bombard his rival with personal questions throughout the match. Oh, and to tickle him. Although I hear that people made of wood aren't very sensitive to tickling I'm afraid...

All Pinocchio really has to do is stay silent and wait for the right combination of colours - once the legs get far apart Mr. Tickle won't stand a chance.

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