Monday, 10 August 2009

Newday 2009

Wow. I have almost recovered from Newday - the annual Newfrontiers youth bible week - which has grown to around 7000 attenders. It doesn't help that today was the first day of our (Shrewsbury Youth for Christ's) summer activities week (today involved hockey, an egg-throwing competition and discussion on "stepping out of the boat" among much else). I'm not getting much chance to recuperate.

Anyway, Newday was amazing. By which I mean God used Newday to do amazing stuff. To be fair, if Newday wasn't even anything to do with Jesus it would still be a fun, appealing, well-organised and entertaining event. If the team behind Newday organised a youth goose-appreciation conference I'm sure it would be a really top-notch affair, but what makes Newday so great is that every year God shows up and impacts the lives of so many people on a huge scale.

IMO Jesus deserves a phenomenally long round of applause, and a much greater level of my daily attention. A much smaller (but significant) display of gratitude should also be presented to Mike Pilavachi, who spoke really very well on two nights and facilitated a great time of meeting with the Holy Spirit.

I am waiting impatiently for the talks to be available to download from the website.

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