Friday, 24 July 2009

Fighting the Flab? Don't drink Coke!

My friend Dave is on a diet, and bravely blogging about his progress. Reading his latest post reminded me of a scary statistic I picked up yesterday. I was reading the nutritional information on the side of a bottle of Coca-Cola (as I often like to do) and noticed that the amount of sugar content was 29% of your Recommended Daily Allowance.

That's nearly a third of all the sugar you need for one day consumed in one sitting.

And that's if you only drink half the bottle.

Sneakily, they've printed the information for a 250ml serving. So if you drink the whole bottle, you're imbibing 58% of your RDA of sugar in one go.

If you're a fully grown adult.

10 year-old child? 500ml of Coke? OMGoodness.

Dave makes a good point that responsibility for our health extends far beyond deciding not to smoke or drink excessively. I really need to think about whether my eating habits are God-glorifying...

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