Friday, 5 June 2009

Ultimate Twister Destiny Duels!!!

Last night some friends were round helping clean out the house - somehow we got onto the subject of twister, and came up with this incredible idea.

Basically, Ultimate Twister Destiny Duels involve pitting two famous film characters/fictional heroes/celebrities against each other in a fantasy twister battle and working out who would win. Hopefull we'll get a game of it developed for the wii.

Here's an example to get started. An Ultimate Twister Destiny Duel between...


Well, Yoda's definitely got the psychological edge - he's always calm and collected and knows what he's doing. Gollum tends to be a bit more rash and impulsive, which could lead to some over-ambitious stretching. Yoda's probably going to be a bit more patient, and during those long games will maintain concentration.

Yoda's most obvious weakness, however, is his limited reach. Although he could probably use the force to help with balancing, it won't help him land a right-hand-green that's just too far away. Gollum, on the other hand is the epitome of gangliness, and, although not exactly lanky, could easily out-stretch the green jedi master.

Although it would always be a close one, I think I'd put my money on Gollum. (If you'll excuse the expression. Gambling is bad. Don't gamble. I only ever gamble in the proverbial sense).

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