Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Lip Balm Conspiracy

So, I haven't posted in a while. And with good reason! I am finding myself more occupied these days. It's the usual balance between work, studying, serving, time out and dueling my nemesis. Also, I've just found out how to use some recording software I got free, which happens to be really useful and a lot of fun. I might actually record some songs.

Anyway, Lip Balm!

Yeah, so I never really needed lip balm until last autumn. Sure, I would slap on some vaseline if things got bad during winter, but it was a very occasional thing. Last autumn though, I was suffering major chapage so I bought my first stick of Lipsyl. Having never needed the stuff before, I thought I'd only need a couple of applications and my lips would be sorted.

But hang on, it's now May, the weather is good, and I still find myself making sure that there's a stick of balm in my manbag before I leave the house in the morning.

I could even go so far as to declare myself lip balm dependent.

Since this has only happened since I've started using said treatment, I suspect a sizeable amount of jiggery-pokery.

Is it possible that Lipsyl, Nivea and (heaven forbid) E45 all contain some kind of dependency-generating ingredient, whereby your lips will only ever recover temporarily before declining into chapsville again, thus securing future custom?

If so, then these cosmetic companies are just as bad as those evil cigarette manufacturers, if not worse!

If not, then I must just have really sensitive lips.


Dissenter said...

Try Epaderm. I work in dermatology and its really useful. All the specialists use it for a general purpose moisturiser and soap substitite, sort of a luxur Vaseline which spreads beter when applied with wet hands.

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks very much, I'll give it a go!