Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Hot Chocolate Conspiracy

Is it a coincidence that conspiracy is an amalgamation of the words "con" and "piracy"? I think not! For it is exactly these things that makers of hot chocolate aim to do.

Of this I am fairly sure.

Here's my reasoning...
It can't be too hard to make something more concentrated. Persil did it with their "small and mighty" product, and Robinson's did it with fruit juice. Most squashes use a concentrate to water ratio of 1:5 or similar, although some (notably elderflower cordial) use a ratio that's more like 1:10. I think this is fairly reasonable.

What I find unreasonable is that it takes FOUR HEAPED teaspoons of powder to make a mug of hot chocolate. HEAPED!

How much to make a cup of coffee? One rounded teaspoon?

It seems clear to me that Cadbury's etc are deliberately creating a very weak form of chocolate powder. This means that your average tub will last for about 4 1/2 mugs before you need to replenish your supplies, at great expense to you and great profit to the manufacturers!

I would suggest a boycott if it wasn't so darned delicious.

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