Monday, 20 April 2009

Grisi Siknis

Just read this article on the good old BBC news site.

Western doctors are apparently stumped by outbreaks of "Grisi Siknis" or Crazy Sickness affecting teenagers in Nicaragua.

They clearly haven't read the bible much.

When people claim to have been possessed, you'll naturally want to find a more logical explanation that doesn't involve nasty spirits and such. However, when medical experts study it for years and come up short you've got to start wondering.

UN Shenanigans

So I watched this video today of lots of Western diplomats walking out as the Iranian president was giving his speech at the UN anti-racism conference.

I'm torn between two trains of thought:
1) They were right to walk out as a demonstration that racist attitudes will not be tolerated.

2) They were wrong to walk out because everyone deserves to be listened to, no matter what their point of view is.

I think I lean more towards the second option because I'm more naturally inclined to defend the underdog. Also, I didn't hear the president say anything that actually discriminated against Jews, he was just slating the Israeli government, but then I didn't hear the whole speech.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Moving House Part 2

Yesterday I found all my cuddly toys.

I selected about a third of them that could go to a charity shop. This was hard.

It's nice to think that someone else might really enjoy them though. At a car boot sale in the summer I sold all my Thomas the Tank Engine books to a woman whose son really loved said train, which made me feel good. At the same sale, a man was eyeing up a train of wooden soldiers I had played with for many a year. I was surprised (they had fought a few wars) and disappointed when he asked how much we wanted for them. It was fantastic, however, to hear him say, "I think they're quite cute," and see his young son nod in approval as he inspected my portable army.

It's still hard though.