Friday, 6 March 2009

What does God do? Part 2

On re-reading, the last post does sound pretty cynical so I want to redress the balance with a few more points.

God works in mysterious ways.

I've got to realise that if I ever actually understand how God works then it will no longer be a mystery, and God would no longer be God.
Whilst the mysteriousness often confuses and sometimes frustrates me, I'm glad that it's like that.

God's unfathomable nature is another reason why I worship Him.

Also, I absolutely wholeheartedly trust God. When I can't see what's going on, then I am even more willing to just be dependent on Him. I know that God is not just another part of the situation, but He is above every situation.

It's also exciting to think that God might be doing things in my life that I can't see, but that a few years down the line I might suddenly notice. Things that seem unimportant, or things that go hideously wrong, can all be used by God to do other things.

I'm imagining a machine where all the stuff from my life goes in at the top, God presses a few buttons, and something amazing pops out at the bottom. (It's a primitive example, I know). I'd really like to see exactly what happens inside the machine, but am content to just let it happen and anticipate the exciting product.

Also, the church is called the body of Christ. So a lot of the time God works directly through the things we do. Instead of sitting around thinking "where's Jesus in the world today?" we can actually go and do the things that Jesus would. With some help, of course.

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