Wednesday, 4 March 2009

NEXT are muppets

I buy some clothes from NEXT, and they tend to be pretty good as far as quality, durability and comfort go. So, the other day, having decided to invest in a manbag, NEXT was my first stop.

Now, I'm one of those people that likes to read things that have been written on stuff. For example, I like to read graffiti and see whether it makes sense. I like to read people's tee-shirts (mostly men's of course). I like to read packaging.

Whilst I was perusing the selection of bags in NEXT I noticed a label with fashionable, barely legible writing scrawled on it. So I read it, and it said:

"every so often you will see something that changes your view on life. Take a good look at this bag and think. Ask yourself... why haven't I got one. You will want this."

What the fl*p? Apparently, there are people who are so shallow that their view of life can change by looking at a bag. It wasn't anything special in my opinion. Absolute r*bb*sh. (I'm using the asterisks to add more drama without actually using expletives - interesting effect, I think.)

I took my custom elsewhere.

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