Saturday, 28 March 2009

Moving House Part 1

Well, we're planning to move house in about a month or so, the date still hasn't been decided. Still, we've made a start packing things into boxes. I haven't really started on my own belongings yet, and when I do I will undoubtedly realise that I own a huge amount of stuff. So I guess now would be the ideal time to sell off some of my possessions.

I think this would be hard for me, mainly for two reasons;

1 - I get quite attached to the things I've had for a while. It's very hard to give away anything that I've owned for years, even if I don't use it. Sentimental value, I guess.

2 - If I get rid of an item, it's almost a confession that I bought something I didn't need, so I feel like I should keep things to justify the fact that I bought them in the first place. It seems like a waste of money to give away the hat I bought for £10 and wore twice, but actually it was a waste of money to buy a hat I would only wear twice.

If I don't give it away though, I might wear it more in the future!

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Phil said...

Confession is good for the soul. Giving is never a waste of money if you give it right. Give the hat to a friend and it's a £10 gift. No waste there. Give it to someone who really needs it and it's worth more than £10. Give it a charity and they sell it for £2 then that's not as good as you giving a tenner to charity but you no longer have something you don't need and a charity has £2 more than it did before.