Monday, 2 February 2009

Sorry, I'm too busy

I don't like having to turn things down all the time, but I'm learning that I have to if I don't want my prior commitments to suffer. Last week was a particularly busy one, what with my birthday and everything, and I had to cut study time from my schedule, which means that this week I've got to work hard to get my assignment done.

I am not totally opposed to hard work, but I don't like having the pressure of always having things that need to be done. I would much rather spend my time finding things to do, coming up with my own creative ideas, instead of just working through a pre-defined to-do list. The trouble is, when I have free time, I'm much more likely to want to chillax with a guitar or DS to escape from everything else that's going on.

What really annoys me is that even the fun things aren't as fun because I'm thinking of other things I should be doing instead. In effect, I feel busy all the time even when I'm not. Especially during holidays.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I think the Sabbath was one of God's best ideas. It's a shame we don't really seem to do Sabbathing any more. I think I need someone to explain the theology behind it, cos I'm pretty confused about how it's supposed to work for us gentiles.

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