Monday, 9 February 2009


I was thinking about snow the other day; specifically that it actually is just about the whitest thing you can get. I can see why Christian songwriters like to use phrases like, "washed white as the snow", because snow is incredibly white.

This is beneficial to manufacturers of Christmas cards, because they don't have to spend much on ink, I suppose.
Many cards will have a snowman of a very similar hue.

However, the average colour of a real snowman leans more in the direction of brown.

Once you have a brown snowman, there is no way of making him white again, because snow is quite hard to clean. I guess you'd have to melt it, filter it carefully and re-freeze it in a special way.

So there's quite a good analogy here for salvation....

I can imagine an emotional preacher saying, "you have to be prepared to let God melt, filter and re-freeze you in His own wonderful way, and then receive the lemon annointing of the Holy Sorbet, to be transfigured into a snow-cone of glory, ready to serve all the tastebuds of the world......"

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