Tuesday, 24 February 2009

"Marginalisation of Christianity" - have your say...

I often read the BBC's Have Your Say message board, and have a good old growl at most of the comments that get put up. They pretty much follow the formula of; "More PC madness! When will this government learn to stop meddling and let us get on with our lives! Complete nanny state! We need a return to common sense, not this blame culture Britain. Alan B. - Sussex." Which is annoying when you have to read the same thing 15 times and the question was actually about a famine in Kenya.

Anyway, I thought I'd post my responses to recent comments over this issue:

Faith Diary: Your comments

In this week's Faith Diary the BBC's religious Affairs correspondent Robert Piggott addresses the growing alarm among church leaders at what they regard as "aggressive secularism", resulting in a marginalisation of Christianity.

Send us your comments in reaction to Robert's diary.

1. Secularism isn't aggressive. Faith is and has been for centuries. The more church leaders complain, the better.

[paulcjm], Netherlands

What? Nonsense. Faith is aggressive? Do you mean that religious groups sometimes act in a violent way? Because I think that non-religious groups do that quite often as well. And actually, the heart of Christianity is love. Who defines the heart of secularism?

Maybe the current recession is an opportunity for all faiths to work together to lead by example - if they can get along, then so can the rest of us.

[soupdragon10], Liskeard, United Kingdom

The point of faith is not to help people through recession, it is to help people discover God. I'm not prepared to work with a humanist (for example) to help people discover God. I would work with a humanist to bring aid to starving humans, but I would do that regardless of Britian's economic situation.

Christianity is indeed being marginalised as people ask questions that it can't answer and see through the implausible tales and hoodwinking that previously kept the uneducated masses under its thumb.

[Ambriel], Kinlochbervie, United Kingdom

I went to school, and I still believe in God. Seriously, how else can you account for the universe? There isn't a more plausible explanation.

It amazes me that people often see Christians as not just deluded, but malicious and selfish, as if they have manipulated people for their own personal (probably financial) gain. The only way you can believe that is if you don't know anything about Christianity. People make so many huge assumptions because secular culture has given them permission to.

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